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FAQs About Buying
Real Estate

Should I Get Pre-Approved?

Yes!  If you want to look at homes you need to be pre-approved.  This also allows you to set a budget and help you shape an idea of what you can afford. 

Should I Buy or Continue to Rent?

This is a personal decision I cannot answer.  There are pro's and con's to both!  The only advice I can give is real estate is a wonderful investment to build equity in.

I Need To Sell My Home In Order to Buy My Next

No problem!  We can work together to make this happen.

How Do I Know If I'm Ready?

Being financially and mentally prepared is very important when going in to real estate.  It can be very competative and involves a lot of waiting, so being prepared and ready to take on the market is very important!

Does a Buyer Pay the Agent?

Nope!  The sellers pay all of the real estate agency comissions.

Can You Help With Finding Rentals?

I do not personally work with rentals, but if you need help locating one I will happily put my feelers out for you!

Do I Need To Get an Inspection?

YES!  I  HIGHLY recommend hiring a home and pest inspection.  When purchasing a home it is very important to know what to expect and inspections can help familiarize yourself with the home.

How Much Do I Need to Save?

To be ready to purchase a home you need to save for the down payment as well as closing costs!  Please speak to a lender ASAP so you can get more details on what those will look like and an idea of how much you should be saving!

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